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How does the YPD app work?

Our experience shows that cannabis can help up to 80% of people get good relief for their sleep issues, pain, anxiety, PTSD, and many other wellness goals. That's a 4 out of 5 chance of getting better!

But how do you do it?

We start where you are, even if you are just considering trying cannabis. We can then make a series of suggestions that you can use to guide your own personal cannabis journey to reach your wellness goals.

The Key: Your Checkin

The key is you checking in and telling us how you are doing in reaching your goals. Our machine learning algorithm can then help you adjust the amount and kind of cannabis you are taking. You are still in charge, we just make suggestions framed by our experience with thousands of medical cannabis users.

Personalized to You Alone

Your suggestions are personalized to you alone. We focus on you. How are you doing right now? What are you trying right now? What would be your next best step right now?

Our machine learning algorithm learns the suggestions that work best for you personally, right where you are, right when you need them. Our users' good results skyrocketed when we adopted this approach. And the YPD app puts all of this help right into your hand when and where you need it.

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Let us work together to help you get better.

A personalized dose, custom built just for you.

Instead of using population averages to dose medication, we've built a machine learning algorithm that analyzes various data points and outputs a suggested dose to help you achieve your desired outcome. Each dose suggestion is unique to your body's data and adjusts itself in real time as your needs change.

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Choose your goal

Start by selecting a goal you would like to work on.


Check in

We'll text you reminders to check in with us on how you're feeling.

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Receive your dose suggestions

After analyzing your feedback, we'll send you a notification with your personalized dose suggestions.

The benefits

No more guesswork

Get a personalized dose, custom built for you

Receive reminders so you don't miss a dose

Track your progress over time

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