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Every goal has a starting point

Our end goal is to help people get the most out of every medication, but we are starting with one of the fastest growing trends today; CBD and medical marijuana. Several studies show significant benefits for anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders and more. But many aren't sure what to take and how much to take.

The launching point of Your Perfect Dose will deliver a suggested dose regimen for CBD and medical marijuana to serve you up some much needed help with our proven method.

In a paper currently in submission to a peer reviewed scientific journal, over 100 patients with PTSD were treated with medical cannabis by the founders of YPD. Four out of five had good, sometimes life changing, benefits. This 80% effectiveness is double or triple the current effectiveness rates for medical cannabis. Statistical analysis of this data showed clear benefits of both THC and CBD when the dosing was tuned to each patient's individual needs. This 80% effectiveness has also been demonstrated for sleep, pain, and anxiety in separate data analysis undertaken for other efforts.

Dr. Gary Rodziewicz M.D. | Board Certified Neurosurgeon