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What is cannabis (marijuana) anyway?
Cannabis is a plant that contains around 80 active agents. The most important of these are THC and CBD.
How much cannabis do I need?
Every person has their own personal amount of THC and CBD that is right for them. Finding this "sweet spot" of THC and CBD amounts is what people do with the YPD app. The amount of THC most folks need is often way less than the amount recreational users use so getting a buzz or putting on weight is far less common.
I don't want to be buzzed all the time. How do I avoid this?
Folks who take THC for their problems during the day are very unlikely to get buzzed. Like taking pain meds for a broken arm, all it does is treat the problem. Also, adding some CBD can allow THC to work while decreasing any buzz.
I don't want to gain weight on marijuana. How do I avoid this?
Taking THC to help with a problem like pain, sleep, or PTSD is very unlikely to lead to weight gain. The classic "munchies" of recreational users just does not happen that often because the amount of THC needed to help peoples' problems is way less than consumed in a recreational sesh. Also, with less pain and more sleep people tend to be more active, which burns calories. Win-Win !
I have trouble sleeping. How can cannabis help?
Sleep problems often are a combination of getting to sleep, staying asleep, and getting BACK to sleep. Getting to sleep: many folks benefit if they Inhale 1-2 puffs of THC at bedtime , or take 5-10 mg of THC by mouth 1 hour before betime. Staying asleep: many folks benefit from taking 5-10 mg of THC by mouth at bedtime will kick in in about an hour and last 4-6 hours. Getting back to sleep: inhaling 1-2 puffs of THC can help get people back to sleep if they awaken and can't fall asleep easily.
How long does it take for cannabis to work?
Cannabis can work right away or it can take a few days up to a couple months to see its full effect. Let's explain. A lot depends on what you are using cannabis to help. For example, if people are taking 1-2 puffs of THC to abort a panic attack, it can work within minutes. For sleep, it often takes a few days for the full effect of bedtime THC to kick in. CBD used for PTSD and anxiety (often around 100-200mg per day by mouth) may take 6-8 weeks to feel the full effect. So it depends. Many folks give up too early on cannabis without giving it time to reach full effect. The YPD app can help guide decisions on when to change dosing based on a person's results. It's kinda what we do.
What's the difference between different strains of marijuana?
About 90% of the difference between any two strains of marijuana is in the relative amounts of THC and CBD in each strain. There are lots of other agents, including terpenes and other cannabinoids, but the heavy lifting is usually done by THC and CBD.
Sativa, Indica, Hybrid? Smoke, vape, edibles ? Help.
Starting cannabis can be really confusing. There is a forest of possible strains and methods of using them and all you want is to feel better. We get this. The YPD app starts with a person's goals (like better sleep, less anxiety) then begins with reasonable suggestions of THC and CBD. Depending on how much this initial THC and CBD help a person, the YPD machine learning algorithm then adjusts it to improve their own personal relief. It's a person's own personal feedback loop getting them closer to their own personal goals. In real time. On your mobile device. For real.
The same marijuana affected me and my friend entirely differently. Why?
This is really common, and it shows that you have to figure out what cannabis type and amount work for you alone. THC and CBD go to your brain and help tune at least five different chemical signaling systems at the same time! The mind boggling complexity of all this means that simple recommendations based on general things like your age or problem usually don’t work that well. The YPD app was designed to help you tune your cannabis to your particular body and its needs. Like your own cannabis coach living on your mobile phone.
The Olympics now lets athletes use CBD? What is this all about?
Yes, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was the first Olympics where athletes could use CBD. CBD, like THC, works in the brain to help calm anxiety and improve sleep. But CBC (and THC) work all over the body (Yes! There are endocannabinoid receptors all over your body.) to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Lots of athletes incorporate CBD into their training. Maybe you?
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